The Steinhardt Social Research Institute’s American Jewish Population Project (AJPP) produces estimates for the Jewish population in the continental United States, its states and counties (or groups of counties). Socio-demographic characteristics of the population (age, educational attainment, and race/ethnicity) within each region are also produced. Estimates are derived through data synthesis for the majority of the population who self-identify as Jewish when asked about their religion. These are displayed on the map below. The recent Jewish population survey conducted by Pew Research Center, A Portrait of Jewish Americans, is used to estimate the number of children and the portion of Jewish adults who do not identify as Jewish by religion (see About Estimates).

Latest Release: The latest population estimates are for the year 2013 and were released on December 15, 2014.

Overall, there are at least 7.1 million Jewish adults and children in the United States, of whom 4.3 million adults, or 1.8% of the total U.S. adult population, identify as Jewish when asked about their religion. The interactive map below displays estimates for this group across states and counties. Distributions of age, education and race in comparison to the total population for each region are provided in the panel to the right of the map. Also included in the right panel are the number of Jewish institutions in each region.