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Summaries of key findings from the project are available to view and share as infographics. Included are infographics for the latest updated population numbers, political orientation of Jewish adults, characteristics of Jewish millenials, and population profiles for major metropolitan areas in New York, Florida, California ( Los Angeles and San Francisco), Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

Political Variables

Political party identification (Democrat/Republican/Neither) and conservative/liberal orientation are based on the distributions of the population over the years 2008 to 2015. These data have been added to the main page and are displayed as barcharts below the map for each geographic area. They are also included as detailed tables (for registered users) and as an infographic. For a description of the data and models used to generate these estimates, see Methodology Section.

Total Jewish Population

In addition to model-based estimates of the proportion of US adults who identify as Jewish when asked about religion, new in the present release are estimates of the total Jewish population. The total Jewish population estimate includes estimates of children and Jewish adults who do not identify as such when asked about religion. This latter group might be culturally or ethnically Jewish and are atheist, agnostic, or otherwise unaffiliated with organized religion. For a summary of these additional estimates see see the About Estimates, and detailed explanation in the see the Methodology section.

New County Level Estimates

The current release provides more detailed geographic estimates based to individual counties (depending on sample sizes) rather than to the more broadly defined Public Use Micro Areas (PUMAs) in the previous release. Registered users can view the detailed list of county definitions the data page.

Metropolitan Areas

Also new this year are estimates for metropolitan areas corresponding to Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSA).


Distributions of male/female have been added.

Census Population Estimates 2015

The current estimates are based to the most recent (2015) county level population estimates from the Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program (PEP).