American Jewish Population Project
Our Work
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Our Mission

AJPP's goal is to provide reliable estimates of the size and demographic characteristics of the US Jewish population. We do so to enhance understanding of the American Jewish community and to facilitate studies of contemporary Jewish life. Our work makes use of data from hundreds of sources and employs state-of-the-art analytic techniques to synthesize the information. AJPP is advancing both basic research in Jewish population studies and applied research by contributing to data-driven inquiries in the design of national, as well as local, programs and studies.

Analysis Methods

The foundation of AJPP's Jewish population estimates is the synthesis of nationally representative surveys of the US population that assess the religious identification of US adults. The data synthesis uses Bayesian multilevel modeling with poststratification to develop the base estimate of adults whose religion is Jewish. This estimate is supplemented by targeted national and local Jewish community studies to estimate portions of the population not represented in the base estimate: Jewish adults who do not identify as Jewish when asked about their religion and Jewish children.